About Us
Jeffrey D. Murrah, LPC, LMFT, LCDC & Peggy Murrah, MA

Jeff is a marriage and family counselor with over 35 years experience, and a past Psychology professor. Besides helping a wide range of clients improve their lives, he also encountered the challenges of caring for his own elderly family members. His experiences taught him lessons about caregiving both at the office and at home.

Peggy has a Masters degree in Psychology, which includes studies in geriatric care. She is also a past Psychology professor. Peggy often found herself in the trenches of providing care for elderly family members.

Together, their caregiving involved emphysema, prescription drug addiction, cancer and dementia. They experienced firsthand the challenges of caring for the elderly in hospital rooms, law offices, physician treatment rooms and clinics. Whether helping with wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, taking the elderly to doctor appointments, or just sorting medications, they were there.

Jeff and Peggy faced the double-challenge of caring for the elderly while raising a young family. In reality, they were unprepared for the drastic life-changing events of elder care.

In those experiences, they met other compassionate caregivers who generously helped them, and they hope to help you now in your caregiving for elderly parents.