Get Help From Your Local Family Caregiver Alliance

with Marty Dare

They are not all called by the same names or nomenclature but most major metropolitan areas have some sort of family caregiver alliance. It’s an organization dedicated to compiling and providing resources for caregivers, promoting and sponsoring educational opportunities, and giving overall support to those who are often alone in their role as a caregiver. This conversation features Marty Dare, a member of the Caregiver Coalition of San Diego. Marty unpacks the variety of resources available to caregivers through local organizations like his, so be sure you listen to find the help you may need.

A family caregiver alliance is concerned about the health of the caregiver and their loved ones.

People in the helping professions, and caretakers, often fail to receive the care that THEY need in order to continue doing the sometimes thankless job of being on call 24-7 to care for their loved ones. Community alliances or coalitions have popped up all over the country in recent years with a view toward supporting the important role of love and care that the typical caregiver fills in a family. As you listen to this conversation you’ll be amazed at the wide variety of ways a local community group like the Caregiver Coalition of San Diego can help you in your role as caregiver.

How can a “well spouse” endure the rigors of being a caretaker?

It’s not uncommon for the spouse of an aging person who needs constant care to become the one who fills the caregiver role. When that happens this “well spouse” often becomes overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities of the household as well as the care of their loved one. Marty Dare says that caregivers in that situation often become the target of predators who are looking to take advantage of their exhaustion and dependent state. In this conversation, Marty covers some ways that those around the caregiver can help them stay in safe situations, and also how community alliances provide education to them so they don’t fall prey to scammers.

Creative ways of dealing with a loved one who needs constant care.

Caregiving is not an easy job, especially if the one who needs care either refuses to admit their need for assistance or is unable to see it. In situations like this the caregiving role becomes a balancing act between doing what is actually best for the loved one and respecting their wishes, however ill-founded they might be. Marty Dare shares a handful of helpful tips for caregivers when the person they are caring for resists or rejects their care. You can hear what Marty’s experience on the Caregiver Coalition of San Diego has taught him, in this conversation.

Common mistakes caregivers make.

While there are many pitfalls that a caregiver can fall prey to, one of the most damaging is the belief that they have to do everything on their own. Isolation soon follows which can lead to exhaustion and depression, which winds up emptying the caregiver of their ability to care for their loved one – the very thing they are trying to do in the first place. In this conversation, Marty Dare provides tips for how caregivers can get the help they need so that burnout and exhaustion are not part of their already difficult experience as a caregiver.

What You’ll Discover in This Interview:

  • Introduction to Marty Dare, his work, and how he helps caregivers.
  • How someone could contact Marty’s coalition to receive elder care help.
  • What does it mean to care for a person in a psycho-social way?
  • The biggest challenges that a “well spouse” or caregiver faces.
  • Advice to caregivers whose loved one suddenly rejects their care.
  • Creative ways to deal with the difficulties of caring for elderly family members.
  • What is the mission of the coalition that Marty is leading?
  • Benefits of being connected to a local healthcare coalition.
  • The common mistakes many caregivers make.
  • The best next step you can take as a caregiver.

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