Overcoming The Fear Of Death and Dealing With Grief

with Kelvin Chin

The fear of death is a very understandable experience for anyone who is debilitated, chronically ill, or aging – and there are a variety of things that impact how an individual deals with that fear. This conversation features Kelvin Chin. Kelvin has been working on death and dying issues since the 1980’s and has taught numerous seminars for the legal and healthcare industries. He has learned that when a person can be taught to integrate their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions when facing issues like death and grief, the fear and emotional trauma can be reduced significantly. You’ll enjoy hearing Kelvin’s perspective in this conversation.

Why every caregiver needs to understand the 4 primary views of death.

If you are a caregiver for a person who is nearing the end of their life, Kelvin Chin believes you absolutely HAVE TO understand the 4 main ways that people all across the globe view the issue of death. His belief is that when you are able to understand the perspective your loved one has about death you’ll be better able to love and care for them as they approach death. In this conversation, Kelvin unpacks the 4 main beliefs about death and points out how helpful a caregiver can be when he/she understands them and is able to use that understanding to help their loved one deal with the fear of death effectively.

How listening can help you ease the fears of one who is dying.

It’s very common for those who are nearing death to express fear and anxiety about what is about to happen to them. It’s also very understandable. The mystery of death is difficult for most people to handle even when they are not approaching death themselves. In this conversation with Kelvin Chin, he highlights the important role that listening plays in helping a person who is facing a chronic condition to deal with their anxiety and fear of death. Kelvin has a good deal of experience with this issue and has even written a book on the subject, “Overcoming the Fear of Death.” You can hear what he has learned about the subject by listening to this conversation.

Does fear of death exist for a person who’s in a comatose state?

It’s easy to think that a person who is in a coma is not dealing with things like anxiety, grief, or the fear of death. But there are many reports of people who were in a comatose state coming out of it with the ability to recount specific details of conversations that happened in the room while they were comatose. Because of that, it’s reasonable to think that the common reactions of fear and anxiety are still relevant to a person who is not conscious. Kelvin Chin has specific advice for caregivers whose loved one is in a coma about how they can help them deal with their fear of death, grief, and anxiety. It’s a fascinating topic that you can learn more about in this conversation.

There are many myths about grief that caregivers need to dispel.

You’ve heard many pieces of advice given about how to deal with grief. “Stay busy. Be strong.” Even, “get over it.” And much more. But none of these is truly helpful in getting through the very real and necessary process of grief that we all experience in life. In this conversation Kelvin Chin walks through an extensive list of myths about how to deal with grief and instead gives a very clear and practical approach to dealing with grief that will blaze the trail toward restored health and healing.

What You’ll Discover in this Interview:

  • Who is Kelvin Chin and how does he help caregivers?
  • What is the difference between grief and fear of death?
  • How should caregivers deal with grief and fear of death in their loved ones?
  • How listening is key to helping a loved one deal with the fear of death.
  • Dealing with fear of death in situations where a comatose state is involved.
  • Understanding the many myths about grief.
  • The 4 main beliefs regarding what happens at death and how caregivers can understand them to help their loved ones.
  • The best next step caregivers can take to understand these issues more.

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Overcoming the fear of death