Palliative Care: Compassionate Care for Patients And Families

with Dr. Bob Uslander

End of life issues are difficult enough without having to walk through them alone. But sadly many patients and their families discover that is exactly what seems to happen as medical options for extending the life of the patient run out. Our guest on this session of the summit is Dr. Bob Uslander. He is dedicated to helping people live with joy and without fear and struggle, at any stage of life, but especially in the face of challenging or terminal illness. To Dr. Bob, there is no group of people more deserving of and desperate for this type of care than those facing these challenges. He also specializes in caring for the people who love and care for them. In this conversation, Dr. Bob answers questions about end of life issues, the relational dynamics that often surface during that season, and how he and his team come alongside those walking the path toward the end of life to bring comfort, understanding, and help.

You and your family don’t have to walk the path toward death alone.

One of the things we don’t enjoy thinking about is the end of life. But every one of us knows it’s a reality we must one day face. But the end of life is also something caregivers need to learn how to deal with when the loved one they are caring for is nearing death. It’s an emotional and confusing time on a number of levels. Dr. Bob Uslander has chosen to specialize in helping families and patients walk through these difficult end of life issues by bringing his experience and training alongside them as a resource to help them think healthily about the end of life and deal with it in ways that are as much of a blessing to everyone as possible. His specialization is in the area of palliative care and you will receive a great deal of insight from this conversation.

When a loved one is dying many people have to be considered.

In situations when a loved one has been battling a chronic disease for a long time, many people become “invested” in the situation in a variety of ways. The patient may become weary of the struggle and as their body shuts down they truly become ready to die. But family members or those close to the patient – for various reasons – are not ready to let go of the dying loved one. It’s at that point that conflicting desires about the patient’s future can come into conflict. It can be a time of great tension between the people involved. Dr. Bob Uslander has chosen to become an advocate and mediator for patients and families to help them come to an agreement and understanding regarding next steps. You will learn a lot from this conversation about palliative care.

The end of life season can be confusing and disconcerting.

It’s easy to understand why walking with a loved one through the stages leading to the end of life can be very disconcerting. The fear of the unknown is a powerful thing. But much of the way end of life issues are handled by the medical community leave much to be desired. Thanks to people like Dr. Bob Uslander, families don’t have to walk that path alone. He and his team come alongside families to help them understand what’s happening both from a medical and emotional standpoint, bringing a great deal of clarity to the things non-medical individuals face. That provides a good deal of comfort and peace to people struggling to make sense of their situation. Take the time to listen to this session of the summit because you never know when you’ll come face to face with these issues yourself.

Dealing with the absence of medical professionals during the end of life season.

It’s very common for the specialized medical professionals who have been alongside a family during the treatment of a chronic disease to seemingly vanish once it’s determined that no more treatment will be helpful. Families and patients can suddenly feel very alone and abandoned. Dr. Bob Uslander has chosen to step into that gap to become a guide and advocate for those who are facing death and their families. His desire is to make the already difficult road toward the end of life a more clear and compassionate journey. You’ll enjoy the deep sense of empathy he brings to what he does. You can hear it in this session of the online summit.

What You’ll Discover in this Interview:

  • Introduction to Dr. Bob Uslander: Who he is and who he serves.
  • Dr. Bob’s focus on the families of those suffering from end of life issues.
  • Dealing with the confusion and perspectives of patient and family.
  • Indications to know the patient is moving toward death.
  • The difficulties for patient and family in the final days of life.
  • Guilt when the caregivers are ready for their loved one’s life to end.
  • A variety of confusing terms used that relate to the end of life.
  • When a patient is still hanging on: why it happens and what to do.
  • Signs loved ones should look for indicating hospice or palliative care is needed.
  • Why specialist physicians may seem to vanish during the end of life season.
  • Dr. Bob’s upcoming book

This Palliative Care package includes a 45-minute MP3 interview, transcript and an Action Sheet. $28

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