Are You Feeling Overwhelmed By the Challenges of Caring for an Elderly Family Member?


Discover How to Return Peace, Stability, and Joy to Your Life While Still Providing the Compassionate Care Your Family Member Deserves.

Seemingly endless doctor’s appointments, carrying equipment, everything moving at a slow pace, multiple nightly sleep interruptions, struggling to find food your loved one will eat, fighting their weight loss, fighting their waning stamina, showing patience with their irritability (even though you feel like chewing nails…!)

Caregiving for an elderly or ill loved one requires so much of you, for so long, and you can feel isolated, without support, and weary of the struggle. Why me? you find yourself asking… as you yearn for relief, or at least a break.


When you’re doing all the giving and there’s no one giving back, your “well” runs dry.

Whether you’re caring for someone with dementia, chronic illness, end-of-life issues, or catastrophic illness, and you’re just at your wits’ end, there’s help and support available.

Learn from 10 men and women who have dedicated their lives to caregiving, to people just like you.

Pamela Jackson, RN

Medical Care for the Aging ~ Pamela Jackson


Dr. Bob Uslander

Palliative Care: Compassionate Care for Patients And Families
Dr. Bob Uslander


Marty Dare, MSW

Get Help From Your Local Family Caregiver Alliance ~ Marty Dare


Stephanie Williams, RD

Elderly Nutrition and Dietary Needs ~ Stephanie Williams, RD


David Kimbrough, CPA

Power of Attorney, Insurance, and Financial Decisions ~ David Kimbrough


David McMahan

Deceased Estate Division: How to Divide Things Not Families ~ David McMahan


Kirk Lyons, JD

How an Elder Care Lawyer Can Benefit the Elderly and Their Caregivers ~ Kirk Lyons


Donna Deos, MBA, BS, CMP, MCC

How to Be a Caregiver Who Makes a Difference ~ Donna Deos


Stacey Canfield

Soul Care at the End of Life ~ Stacey Canfield


Kelvin Chin, MA, JD, GRS

Overcoming The Fear Of Death and Dealing With Grief ~ Kelvin Chin


How is a Virtual Training relevant to you?

  • Since 65 million people like you face elderly caregiving with absolutely no training or preparation…it helps you understand why you may feel overwhelmed…and provides some training to make it easier
  • Since 80% of caregivers like you report caregiving negatively impacts their family life.. and shows you ways to minimize the burden on your family
  • Since 65% of the elderly rely exclusively on family and friends for assistance…sound familiar?..and it helps you get in touch with support systems that help you cope
  • And since the stress of family caregiving for persons with dementia has been shown to impact a person’s immune system for up to three years after their caregiving ends…and we want to provide you with ways to strengthen your emotional strength and immune system during the caregiving period to avoid becoming a statistic yourself

There is no doubt about it – caregiving can tax even the most dedicated, patient and loving person. There are definite, measurable physical and financial costs as well.

The average family caregiver for someone 50 years or older spends $6,954 per year on out of pocket caregiving expenses – that’s nearly 20% of the median family income.

Another study found that American businesses lose $17.1 Billion per year due to family caregiving.

Another shows that 40% to 70% of family caregivers have clinically significant symptoms of depression.

The problem is huge and there are very few people and groups addressing this issue.

Businesses aren’t helping, politicians aren’t helping.

We have been in your shoes – we know what it’s like first-hand. We know the feelings of isolation and overwhelm, believing that no one else understood what we were going through.

So we put together a compilation of the best experts we could find to present solid, up-to-the-minute information to help make your life easier.

Bottom line, we care about caregivers.

Here are a few juicy tidbits you’ll discover from this first-of-its-kind, ground-breaking online conference:

  • Signs of caregiver burnout and what to do about it
  • The most common mistakes many caregivers make
  • Financial considerations for in-home care
  • Dealing with the confusion of the patient and family
  • Managing guilt when caregivers are ready for their love one’s life to end
  • Signs to look for indicating hospice or palliative care is needed
  • The biggest challenges that a caregiver faces
  • Creative ways to deal with the difficulties of caring for elderly family members
  • What is the difference between grief and the fear of death
  • Understanding the many myths about guilt
  • Dealing with the fear of death in situations where the patient is comatose
  • The hardest parts of being an ongoing caregiver
  • What long-distance family members can do to care for dying family members
  • Dealing with estate issues in a highly contentious family
  • Creative ideas to help families divide an estate
  • The most common mistakes people make when it comes to estate planning
  • Why diet and nutrition need to be coordinated with medications
  • Tax issues concerning hiring and paying a caregiver
  • Establishing and understanding trusts
  • How to make end of life legal issues easier
  • The big mistakes caregivers make financially when a family member dies
  • What a Power of Attorney is and how to create one
  • What a living trust is and why it would be needed
  • How wills should be arranged in light of Medicaid benefits and claims
  • What look-back laws are and how they figure into elderly legal issues
  • How to find contracts that limit liabilities as a caregiver
  • Insurance policies survivors need to know about
  • Tax responsibilities after your loved one dies
  • Navigating the terms used in the healthcare environment
  • What family members can do to best use their healthcare insurance benefits
  • Why it’s important to connect with the variety of providers involved in patient care
  • How family can help medical providers best care for their elderly family members
  • Tips for getting elderly family members to eat the right things
  • The most common mistakes made in terms of nutrition and caregiving

Now — You can have this transformative conference as a permanent part of your caregiving library!

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Attendees have been RAVING about the amazing and powerful information – and for good reason. The tips and strategies that have been shared during this training are pure gold. They can be the difference between struggle, despair and overwhelm, or caring for your elderly family with confidence and self-care.

PLUS these are COMPLETELY new trainings you’ve likely never heard before. This is NOT the “same old, same old” talks floating around — this is brand new material designed SPECIFICALLY for this virtual event!

Why? Because I dug in with each speaker and asked them behind-the-scenes questions about how they deal with the hard questions around caregiving, and how they provide care themselves. You get first-hand knowledge.

It’s like sitting down over coffee with 10 caregiving experts who share their tips, tricks and insights.

And the great news is that all of these master teachers have each lived the caregiving life. Who better to study and learn from than those who have been there!

Plus, the truth is, we can all feel it: There are tens of millions of caregivers, each trying to make it on their own. There is a window of opportunity RIGHT NOW to claim your space so you don’t have to go it alone. So here’s the deal (and YES, it’s a no-brainer)

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  1. The downloadable MP3 recordings (you don’t have to worry about missing a call or wanting to listen to a call a second or third time)
  2. Downloadable transcripts so you can go back and highlight and take notes on the top teachings.
  3. Downloadable “Action Sheets” for each speaker. We’ve taken the key points and strategies from each speaker and summarized them on one page for you. This is a fast and easy way to have everything you need at your fingertips for quick reference.
  4. BONUS “Who Stole My Mother? A daughter’s look at DEMENTIA”, This is the true-life story of your hosts, Jeff and Peggy Murrah, and the dramatic experience of caring for Peggy’s mother.

Treat Yourself to our VIP UPGRADE PACKAGE where you’ll get MP3s of interviews with all 10 Master Teachers, Transcripts of every interview & Action Sheets that summarize the step-by-step secrets of each caregiver expert!


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